‘466/64 – A Prisoner working in the Garden’, 2004

Nature of project: “466/64 – A Prisoner in the Garden” is the first step in the long and exciting process of recovering and exhibiting Mandela’s archive. The exhibition floor is slightly lifted off the reception floor with a steel frame filled with white stones. These stones are reminiscent of the blinding whiteness of the lime quarry where the political prisoners worked for years and will also help to demarcate the exhibition from the rest of the reception space around it. It will ensure the exhibit symbolically contains visitors within a contemplative island space. The exhibition space is also enclosed on three sides with a thin steel mesh screen that floats above the floor and again creates the feeling for the visitor of being in a different time and place to the goings on of the Foundation. It has obvious references to incarceration.

Key responsibilities: Designed in collaboration with Clive van den Berg and Lauren Segal for Trace.

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